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Mitutoyo - Vertical Dial Test Indicators - (Metric)

Starting at $178.00 $160.00

Basic, Plus & Full Set configurations

  • Basic Set includes test indicator, stem and knurled clamp ring.  Plus and Full sets add additional accessories as shown below.
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Set Type :
Item No. Graduation Range Set Type Contact Material MSRP Our Price QTY
513-454-10E 0.01mm 0.8mm Basic Set Carbide $178.00 $160.00
513-456-10E 0.01mm 0.5mm Basic Set Carbide $196.00 $176.00
513-455-10E 0.002mm 0.2mm Basic Set Carbide $212.00 $191.00
513-454-10A 0.01mm 0.8mm Plus Set Carbide $178.00 $160.00
513-455-10A 0.002mm 0.2mm Plus Set Carbide $224.00 $202.00
513-454-10T 0.01mm 0.8mm Full Set Carbide $197.00 $177.00
513-455-10T 0.002mm 0.2mm Full Set Carbide $235.00 $212.00