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Mitutoyo - Roundtracer Flash - Precision Shaft Measurement System

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  • Roundtracer Flash is an optical measuring unit based on side-by-side 2D image architecture.
  • This means that images that are acquired by different sensors are perfectly combined together in order to generate one single resultant image of the part with zero discontinuities and no gaps at the stitching edges.
  • As a result, Roundtracer Flash is capable of measuring parts up to 300 mm in length without any vertical movement of the sensors or the part itself.

With the absence of Z-axis motion the optical acquisition of the complete part - which consumes time on other systems - is performed almost instantaneously on the Roundtracer Flash. Therefore its cycle time is impressively fast. For example, it executes 100 static measurements in just 2 seconds irrespective of how the measurement sections are distributed along the shaft length!

Fixed position sensors mean there is no mechanical stress. The metrological performance of the Roundtracer Flash is consistent and stable over millions of cycles. There are also minimal maintenance requirements.

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Item No. Max Part Length Max Part Diameter Max Part Weight Our Price
211-581-01MEU 4" (100mm) 2.36" (60mm) 13 lbs (6kg) Contact us for a Quote
211-583-01MEU 11.8" (300mm) 2.36" (60mm) 13 lbs (6kg) Contact us for a Quote