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Mitutoyo - RA-120/120P  "ROUNDTEST" - Roundness Measuring Instruments

Mitutoyo - RA-120/120P "ROUNDTEST" - Roundness Measuring Instruments

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  • Mitutoyo Roundness Measurement Instruments offer a complete range of applications from the lab, to the shop or production floor.
  • Whether off-the-shelf, or a custom-configured solution, Mitutoyo roundness measurement technology offers unmatched features with highest levels of accuracy
  • Compact stand-alone desktop models with built-in processor, display and printer
  • Desktop PC-controlled instruments
  • High-performance floor-standing models
  • ROUNDPAK™ measurement and analysis software package
  • The best price/performance ratio, versatility and ease-of-use
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  • Notched workpiece measurement
  • Recalculation of datum/measured data
  • Limaçon function compensates for eccentricity
  • Rotation of 3D display**
  • Real-time display**
  • Simplified layout (divided layout)**
  • Hair line, auxiliary line, hidden line, fill line**
  • Color setting of measured data**
  • Offsetting of recorded profile generation**
  • Zooming of recorded profile**
  • Data deletion**
  • Graph analysis (displacement/angle between measured points)**
  • Power spectrum analysis**
  • Gear tooth analysis**
  • Harmonic analysis**
  • Text data output (via CSV format)**
    **Function of ROUNDPAK software

Technical Specs: