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Mitutoyo - Quick Scope - Manual Vision Measuring System

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The Quick Scope Series can be used by anyone to easily perform manual work piece observation or automatic measurement of single or multiple items. The image measurement software, QSPAK, offers intuitive operability and advanced functionality that can solve your measurement challenges. Used with the optional FORMPAK-QV application software, the Quick Scope Series can also perform form analysis. 

  • Surface, contour and fiber-optic ring light illumination options enable users to configure the QS lighting to meet a variety of measurement needs.
  • Powerful, Windows®-based QSPAK software offers a spectrum of measuring and analysis capabilities.
  • Functions include auto-focus, measurement playback, one-click edge detection, graphic display, 48 different macros and a pattern matching function for several common part features.
  • Excellent surface observation model for a variety of workpieces.
  • 0.1μm resolution and 150mm Z-axis range.
  • Power zoom enables quick magnification changes.
  • Fine illumination capability enables lighting changes to match workpiece requirements.
  • The quick release system on the stage enables instant switching between coarse and fine movements.
  • Quick Navigation function enables the user to repeat measurements quickly.
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