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Mitutoyo - Low Force Digital Caliper - w/ SPC - 573-191-30

Starting at $931.00 $838.00

Due to the low and constant measuring force these calipers are ideal for elastic or resilient workpieces such as plastic parts and rubber parts that standard calipers cannot measure.

  • With SPC data output.
  • Supplied in fitted plastic case.
  • Display: LCD
  • Length standard: ABSOLUTE electrostatic capacitance type linear encoder
  • Measuring force: 0.49N to 0.98N (50gf to 100gf)
  • Jaw retraction: 0.3mm
  • Max. response speed: Unlimited
  • Battery: SR44 (1 pc.), 938882
  • Battery life: Approx. 3.5 years under normal use
  • Origin-set, Zero-setting, Power On/Off, Data output, inch/mm conversion (inch/mm models)
  • Alarm: Low voltage, Counting value composition error
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Item No. Range Resolution Accuracy MSRP Our Price QTY
573-191-30 0 - 180mm 0.01mm ±0.05mm $931.00 $838.00



  • 959149: SPC cable with data switch (40” / 1m)
  • 959150: SPC cable with data switch (80” / 2m) 
  • 06AFM380C: USB Direct Input Tool (80”/2m)