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Mitutoyo - DIGITAL Thickness Gages - 547 Series

Starting at $297.00 $267.00
  • These Thickness Gages offer a quick and efficient means of inspection with their convenient grip handle,thumb trigger and spring-loaded spindle.  
  • Wide range of applications with various types of measuring faces (on the spindle and anvil).
  • The digital models incorporate Mitutoyo's popular ID-C and ID-S Series Digimatic Indicators to provide error-free LCD readings as well as data output for SPC analysis.
  • 547-400S is ideally suited for measuring thicknesses of paper, film, wire, sheet metal and similar materials
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Item No. Model (see chart below for details) MSRP Our Price QTY
547-500S 547-500S $297.00 $267.00
547-520S 547-520S (Deep Throat) $321.00 $289.00
547-526S 547-526S $394.00 $354.00
547-300S 547-300S $474.00 $427.00
547-320S 547-320S (Deep Throat) $488.00 $439.00
547-400S 547-400S $877.00 $789.00


  • ON/OFF
  • Inch/mm Conversion
  • Origin
  • ±Direction Changeover
  • SPC Output
  • Battery Life:20,000hrs
  • Power Supply:SilverOxide Cell (SR-44 1pc.) IDC Types
  • ON/OFF
  • Inch/mm Conversion
  • Zero/ABS
  • ±Direction Changeover
  • SPC Output
  • Battery Life:5,000 hrs
  • Power Supply: Silver Oxide Cell(SR-44 1pc.)
  • Preset
  • Provides GO/±NoGo Judgment
  • Face Rotates 330°