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Mitutoyo - Adjustable Workstage - for Laser Scan Micrometers

Starting at $1,800.00

544 Series - Laser Scan Micrometer Accessories

  • Vertical/horizontal slide mechanism enables easy measurement of various workpiece diameters.
  • Best suited for quality assurance of high precision pin gages
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Item No. Applicable LSM Model (see below for details) Our Price QTY
02AGD280 544-499A (02AGD280) $1,800.00
02AGD400 544-534 (02AGD400) $2,380.00
02AGD490 544-536 (02AGD490) $3,100.00
02AGD520 544-538 (02AGD520) $3,600.00
02AGD370 544-116-1A (02AGD370) $2,480.00
02AGD680 544-116-1A (02AGD680) $3,550.00