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MARPOSS - Gages for External Diameters -  M1 STAR™ - M3 STAR™ - M4 - M4 STAR™ - QUICKSNAP™

MARPOSS - Gages for External Diameters - M1 STAR™ - M3 STAR™ - M4 - M4 STAR™ - QUICKSNAP™

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  • Repeatability: <1 micron
  • Application range: 4 mm to 125 mm for M4, M4Star and M1Star OD
  • Application range: 3 mm to 150 mm for M3Star and QuickSnap
  • The contacts are available in a variety of materials and radius, depending on the material and the roughness of the diameter to be measured
  • Only one master  is required for zero-setting
  • Lumberg SV50/6 connector
  • Compatible with Marposs and other manufacturers’ electronic units
  • The electronic gauges can be supplied with LVDT or HBT transducer
  • M4Star  allows the user to customize the measurement depth between 1 mm and 6 mm

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  • M1Star OD is the solution for external diameter located in a recess (e.g. the external diameter of a collar located in a recess inside a transmission case).
  • It is designed for compatibility with the M1Star range of accessories.
  • M3Star and QuickSnap are manual snap gauges designed for measuring external diameters between shoulders on crankshafts, camshafts and similar components.
  • These gauge models are simple to retool, so that it is possible to measure different diameters using the same device, and  are available in indicator, hard-wired and wireless versions
  • M4 and M4Star are the ideal solutions for external diameter measurements, with both mechanical measurement with use of an indicator, and electronic measuring, using hard-wired or wireless transmission systems.
  • Using the customizable measurement depth, the system may be used to measure diameters in the proximity of shoulders.
  • The gauges, which consist of a ring body and a sturdy nosepiece, were designed to maintain their technical specifications, even under the severest operating conditions.
  • Both M4Star and M3Star external diameter gauges can be equipped with analog and digital dial indicator, either analogue or digital, and hard-wired or Bluetooth® wireless transmission systems, whereas the M4 gauges are available in hard-wired and LVDT signal versions.
  • M1StarOD was designed to be compatible with the M1Star range of accessories, i.e. handles for comparators or linear probes, handles with cables, or the innovative I-Wave2 handle, complete with colour screen for displaying measurements in real time and Bluetooth® transmission system

Additional Information:

M3 Star™ manual snap gauges are designed to measure outside diameters located between
walls on shaft-like parts like crankshafts, transmission shafts and camshafts. They are
easily re-tooled to measure different workpieces with the same gauge and are available in
mechanical (Mechanical Snap Gauge MSG), wired and wireless (Electronic Snap Gauge ESG)
configurations, to meet a broad range of measurement needs.

M4 Star is a family of high performance ring gauges for measuring parts such as shafts or pins.
The gauge design is perfectly through, allowing the measuring of long shafts without limitations.
The high technology and attention to ergonomics make M4Star a premium choice for outside
diameter measurement.
M4 Star is available as Mechanical Ring Gauge (MRG) or Electronic Ring Gauge (ERG).