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Marposs - M1 Star MBG - Mechanical Bore Gages

Marposs - M1 Star MBG - Mechanical Bore Gages

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Marposs - M1 Star MBG - Mechanical Bore Gages

  • The M1 Star™ MBG (Mechanical Bore Gauge) is the ideal manual
    instrument for precision measuring of inside diameter, ovality and
  • Measurable diameters: 3 to 300mm (0.12”-11.81”).
  • Special versions available for bigger diameters.
  • It can be totally retooled or repaired by simply replacing the nosepiece
    and contacts.
  • A mechanical positioning system automatically ensures alignment
    between the nosepiece and the contacts.
  • The Mechanical Bore Gauge is accurate, robust, reliable and easy to use.
  • Maintenance free construction requires only periodic cleaning of the
    precision mechanism.
  • A wide range of modular components makes it possible to configure
    the bore gauge to meet all your measuring needs.
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  • Measurable diameters: 3 to 300 mm (0.12”-11.81”). Special versions available for bigger diameters.
  • With an extensive range of accessories, it is possible to measure at depths of more than 500
    mm and measure bores that are perpendicular to the axis of insertion.
  • The durable measuring transmission system is capable of more
    than 10.000.000 measuring cycles.
  • Metrological performances guaranteed for all measurable diameters.
  • The mechanical transmission measuring system can be interfaced with any pencil probe, dial
    or digital indicator.
  • The linear designed mechanical transmission system has an extensive range of accuracy and
    only one master is needed for zero setting.
  • Compatible with the bore gauge accessories of the main competitors.
  • Fast delivery times

Technical Specs:

  • repeatability <1 micron for the mechanical gauge head and <0.5 microns for the electronic gauge head
  • range from 3 to 375 mm (0,12- 14,76 ") and measuring depths up to 500 mm
  • dedicated solution for the measurement of conical bores, ovals, gears, width, distances and bores with axis perpendicular to the direction of introduction of the gauge
  • the measuring cells contacts can be provided in different materials and radii depending on the material and the roughness of the bore
  • requires only one master for zeroing
  • long-life transmission system (> 10,000,000 measuring cycles)
  • chance to replace the measuring head for easy and independent retooling
  • special reinforced cable, easily substitutable in case of breakage
  • Lumberg connector SV50 / 6
  • compatibility with all Marposs electronics as well as with other manufacturers’
  • the EBG Gauge head can be supplied with LVDT or HBT transducers