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Item #: 4334000

Mahr - Millimess 1003 - High-Accuracy Dial Comparator Indicator -1µm Grad. - 4334000

Manufacturer: Mahr
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Mahr - Millimess 1003 Dial Comparator - 1µm Grad. - 4334000

  • Large, high contrast dial face
  • Adjustable tolerance markers
  • Lockable fine adjustment screw
  • Shockproof movement
  • Mounting shank and measuring spindle are both made of hardened stainless steel
  • Measuring spindle is mounted in a high precision ball guide for minimal hysteresis
  • Insensitive to lateral forces (side play) acting on the measuring spindle
  • Maximum sensitivity and accuracy are ensured by the jeweled movement and in conjunction with the precision gears and pinions