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Mahr - 852 TS - 0 - 3.15" Indicating Bench Snap Gage

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  • For rapid measurements of diameters of cylindrical parts (shafts, bolts and shanks)
  • For measuring pitch, root and outside diameters of all kinds of external threads as well as serrations
  • For thickness and length measurement
  • Particularly suited for batch produced parts
  • Rugged steel frame, can be inclined up to 45° from the sturdy base
  • Measuring spindle and anvil spindle are made of hardened stainless steel, with mounting bore for insertion of interchangeable anvils
  • Height adjustable stop
  • Anvil spindle can easily be fine adjusted
  • Constant measuring force as a result of built-in spring, thus eliminating user influence
  • Scope of delivery: plan carbide anvils Dia. 3.5mm
  • Unit 4510030 includes a Millimess Dial Indicator (4334000) 1µm, ± 50µm
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4510031 w/out Indicator $1,870.00 $1,683.00
4510030 w/ Millimess 1003 Indicator $2,240.00 $2,016.00


  • Measuring Range:  0 - 3.15" (80mm)
  • Distance of Movable Anvil:  1.2mm
  • Paralleism Deviation:  2µm
  • Repeatability Fw:  1µm
  • Measuring Force:  6.5Nµm