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Mahr - 40 EWR-K 0 - 0.8" Digital Crimp Height Micrometer

Mahr - 40 EWR-K 0 - 0.8" Digital Crimp Height Micrometer

Starting at $1,170.00 $994.00
  • Measuring surfaces: Anvil with narrow web, pointed spindle
  • High contrast analog display
  • Stainless spindle is hardened throughout and ground
  • Spindle and anvil are carbide-tipped
  • Rapid drive
  • Ratchet is integrated in the thimble
  • Lacquered steel frame, heat insulated
  • Software MarCom Professional free download: www.mahr.com/ marcom (only for Mahr data cables and wireless systems with USB and RS232 interface)
  • Digit height: 10 mm
  • Data interface: MarConnect (bidirectional), USB, Digimatic
  • Energy supply: Battery life approx. 2 years
  • IP protection category: IP 65
  • Package contains: instruction manual, battery, case
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4157040 $1,170.00 $994.00


  • RESET (set display to zero)
  • ABS (display can be set to zero without losing reference to ORIGIN)
  • mm/inch
  • ORIGIN (for entering a numerical value)
  • LOCK function (key lock)
  • TOL (tolerance and warning limits)
  • HOLD (storage of measured values)
  • DATA (data transmission)
  • Bi-directional data interface (external input option of characteristic values and setting of individual lock functions by software MarCom)

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