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Leitech - "Combi" Thread Depth Gage HANDLES Only - (Metric)

Starting at $300.00
  • "COMBI" Standard Scale = 0.5mm/ Division
  • "COMBI" High Resolution by Vernier scale = 0.1mm resolution per division
  • see chart below for help choosing the correct gage handle
Click here for INCH sizes
Handle No. (Thread Size):
Handle Resolution:
Item No. Handle No. (Thread Size) Handle Resolution Our Price QTY
L-M200-SH 200 (M2 thru M3.5) Standard $306.00
L-M300-SH 300 (M4 thru M6) Standard $300.00
L-M400-SH 400 (M7 thru M12) Standard $383.00
L-M500-SH 500 (M14 thru M16) Standard $403.00
L-M600-SH 600 (M17 thru M22) Standard $686.00
L-M200-HH 200 (M2 thru M3.5) Hi-Resolution $485.00
L-M300-HH 300 (M4 thru M6) Hi-Resolution $485.00
L-M400-HH 400 (M7 thru M12) Hi-Resolution $610.00
L-M500-HH 500 (M14 thru M16) Hi-Resolution $626.00
L-M600-HH 600 (M17 thru M22) Hi-Resolution $970.00