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Item #: VI000000

GSG - Build a Complete ITC Internal Thread Comparator

Manufacturer: Glastonbury Southern Gage

Must Select: Frame No. (Range)

Optional Items: Segments (Functional Size)

Optional Items: Segments Cone & Vee (Pitch Dia Size)

Optional Items: Master Setting Ring

Optional Items: Dial Indicator

Optional Items: Base & Accessories
starting at $901.00

GSG - ITC Internal Thread Comparator

  • The ITC reads the actual size of the pitch diameter showing its position in relation to the pitch diameter tolerance assigned.
  • Single frame covers a size range of #10 through 2 1/2” , Larger frames are available up to 8”
  • The positive alignment feature of the frame allows segments to be easily changed with positive mounting pin alignment.
  • Reduced gaging time compared to Go/NoGo gages .

 There are (4) Components: