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Granite Isolator™

Manufacturer: Granite Isolator™
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Granite Isolator™

 Why Choose Silicone Gel-Based Anti-Vibration Platform?

  • High Grade Silicone Gelis used for the vibration isolators.
  • Placed at the four corners of the granite,the silicone gel supports are highly compliant and have a high level ofinternal damping.
  • Simple and low cost vibration control, no air supply required as with anair-based isolation table.
  • Isolation is excellent with a natural frequency of 2.4 Hz in the horizontalaxis using our high compression and low creep elastomer.


  • The Granite Isolator consists of only three different parts.
  • The granite top is designed to be about the size of the microscope or other precision instrument.
  • Special, high grade silicone gel isolators are underneath the four corners of the granite, and an ABS plastic base plate is attached under the silicone gel isolators so that the platform can be easily slipped under the microscope, electronic balance, or other precision instruments.


Model No.

Size (inch)

Max Load Capacity



13 x 15 x 1.5

70 lbs.

25 lbs


16 x 21 x 1.5

70 lbs.

36 lbs.


16 x 21 x 1.5

140 lbs

36 lbs


18 x 26 x 1.75

140 lbs.

72 lbs


22 x 32 x 1.75

200 lbs

110 lbs.

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