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Fowler Baty - VuMaster 2D Vision System - 2D FUSION Software

Manufacturer: Fowler High Precision

Fowler Baty - VuMaster Vision System 2D - Manual including 22" LCD Monitor

VuMaster is a 2D vision system with a massive difference. Due to its innovative absolute 2D scale system, expertly designed VuMaster does not have a conventional moving stage or encoders - just a floating measuring camera that moves anywhere in the measuring range. The result is fast, accurate, ‘non contact’ measurement over a much larger measuring range - 400mm x 300mm to be exact!

  • Because the camera moves and the part stays still, there is often no need for expensive and time consuming work holding devices.
  • VuMaster is either operated manually or inspection routines can be recorded and stored.
  • When played back, these ‘programs’ guide the operator through a pre-defined inspection procedure recreating the same lighting conditions and using Video Edge Detection to automatically capture feature data.
  • Finally, a report is generated in the form of a fully dimension ed drawing of the measured part.


  • Large 15.7"/400mm x 11.8"/300mm measuring range
  • Sturdy construction with a granite base
  • Supplied with Fusion 2D vision software
  • Colourmap measuring technology
  • Programmable collimated profile lighting
  • Teach and repeat part programming
  • Advanced video edge detection
  • Digital zoom
  • Supplied with stand, rack mount PC and 22" monitor
  • Programmable segmented LED surface ring light
  • Motorized autofocus
  • Image grab
  • Auto inspection playback
  • CNC and Manual models available


XYZ Measuring Range:                 15.7"/400mm x 11.8"/300mm
Workstage Area:                            420mm x 320mm
Max Workpiece Load:                    55 lb/ 25 kg
Drive Type                                       Manual
Bearings                                          Air bearings
Camera Type                                  2048 x 1590 pixel color USB2 camera with 8 x 9mm chip and dynamic latch
Optics/Lighting                              Fixed objective telecentric lens with programmable LED lighting
Resolution                                      0.001mm
Accuracy                                        7.5 µm
Max Field of View                          12mm
Magnification                                 20x 350x
Touch Probe Option Available      No       

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