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EXTECH - Wireless Weather Station Kit - WTH600-KIT

EXTECH - Wireless Weather Station Kit - WTH600-KIT

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  • Extech’s WTH600-KIT Wireless Weather Station Kit helps you plan your day to day outdoor activities that may be affected by weather conditions including businesses involved with construction, agriculture, and recreation.
  • The kit includes an indoor Wireless Base Station with a large LCD displaying indoor temperature, humidity, and outdoor weather conditions, plus date and time.
  • It also comes with an outdoor Wireless Transmitter with 5 built-in sensors, including a self emptying rain collector for measuring rainfall, wind cups for wind speed, wind vane for wind direction, and temperature and humidity sensors.
  • It sends data by a low power radio frequency to the Base Station up to 150 m (450 ft) away. 
  • The kit comes assembled for easy installation.
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