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EXTECH - IR Thermometer w/ Color Alret - IR270

EXTECH - IR Thermometer w/ Color Alret - IR270

Starting at $83.99
  • Fast response with high accuracy, the Extech IR270 is ideal for quick checks of multiple spots in a process or for catching spikes in temperature.
  • Easy programmable High/Low Alarm with tri-color display and audible alarm measures non-contact temperature up to 1202°F (650°C).
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IR270 $83.99


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  • 12:1 Fast Response IR thermometer with wide temperature range
    • Take non-contact temperature measurements from -4 to 1202°F (-20 to 650°C), max resolution of 0.1°F/°C and basic accuracy of ±(1% of reading + 2°F/1°C)
  • Programable Alarms
    • Programmable Hi/Low alarms with audible beeper — tri-color LCD display changes to Blue backlight when reading goes below low alarm setting and Red backlight when reading exceeds High
  • Adjustable Emissivity
    • Adjustable emissivity (0.10 to 1.00) increases measurement accuracy