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Digi-Pas - Professional Software Version for 2-Axis -  DWL2000-SW
Item #: DWL2000-SW

Digi-Pas - Professional Software Version for 2-Axis - DWL2000-SW

Manufacturer: Digi-Pas
starting at $119.00

DigiPas DWL2000-SW - Professional PC Sync Software for 2-axis for proximity/remote display & data logging

Digi-Pas PC Sync Software & Android Apps enable wireless Bluetooth/USB connectivity and empower machine installers to perform 2-axis simultaneous leveling, alignment tasks and vibration measurements with speed and precision that conventional single-axis level is unable to match.

Digi-Pas Professional PC Sync is a 'plug & play' user-friendly interface software (embedded with National Instrument software) that supports remote real-time measurement, user-definable data acquisition & logging features through wireless Bluetooth/USB cable with Digi-Pas 2-Axis Precision Digital Machinist Levels. It serves as an effective solution for continuous reading of leveling, angle measurement & vibration status of precision machines and equipment.

Software & Features for Models

PC System Requirements

User's PC is recommended the following items to be installed for using the PC Sync Software:
- Microsoft framework 3.5 for 32bit Windows OS or
- Microsoft framework 4.0 for 64bit Windows OS
- Windows XP service pack 3 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
The following items are required:
- At least 1 GB Ram
- At least 100MB free disk space on hard drive
- Microsoft Excel 2007 and above
- USB 2.0 Port
- Bluetooth adapter (For Bluetooth Connection)