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Digi-Pas - 2-Axis Ultra Precision Inclinometer - DWL8500-XY-Bluetooth + PC Sync PRO Software
Item #: DWL8500-XY-Bluetooth Pro Sync Software

Digi-Pas - 2-Axis Ultra Precision Inclinometer - DWL8500-XY-Bluetooth + PC Sync PRO Software

Manufacturer: Digi-Pas
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Digi-Pas - 2-Axis Ultra Precision Inclinometer - DWL8500-XY(Bluetooth)


    Precision levelling, angle measurement/alignment and surface flatness profiling tasks essentially involve 2-dimensional planes rather than single-axis. Thus, 2-axis simultaneous display of surface plane angles readings are required to effectively guide engineers in adjusting precision object/machine to a targeted position accurately and speedily.

    Digi-Pas pioneered world's-first 2-axis simultaneous angles display instrument (U.S. patented) embedded with vibrometer which offers superior performance. It empowers engineers in eradicating constraints associated with using traditional single-axis 'bubble' or digital levels that require them to conduct those time-consuming tasks 'one axis at a time' with tedious trial-and-error iterations.


    DWL-8500XY instrument accuracy is verified by accredited 3rd party independent calibration & test bodies and National Metrology Centre traceable to SI standard and NIST, JIS, UKAS & DIN under CIPM MRA.



  • Measuring range from 0.0 to 14400 arcsec. (Single Axis); 0.0 to 7200 arcsec. (Dual Axis)
  • Resolution of 1 arcsec. (≤ 5μm/M)
  • Accuracy ±1 arcsec at 0 to ±1080 arcsec.; ±3 arcsec at other angles
  • 3D surface geometry graph using PC-Sync Software for high accuracy surface flatness profile measurement>
  • Digital colour graphic display of dual angles
  • Vibrometer display real time low-frequency (2 to 75Hz) vibration graph
  • Angularmeter display real-time 2-Axis angle graph
  • Wireless Bluetooth Industrial Class 1 (>30 Meters)
  • Professional PC Sync Software with wireless Bluetooth or USB-cable connection to device for remote acquisition and data logging,
  • USB external power source
  • Operating temperature at 50°F to 104°F or +10°C to +40°C
  • 3-points contact base for most stable surface-to-surface contact to prevent “rocking”

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