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Diatest - Depth Stops

Starting at $155.00

Diatest - Depth Adjuster / Stops - Ideal for gauging bores at a specific depth.

  • The search for reversal point can also be omitted.
  • Depth Stops exist in different designs, they can be clamped on Depth Extensions, some can be clamped directly on the plug gauge BMD.
  • They are often used with Split Ball probes, plug gauges BMD or Gear Gauges.
**Diatest TV-8 Extension required (2.5"/60mm min. length) for Depth Stop use.  
Item No. Stop Ring Diameter Our Price QTY
TA-8-24 .944"/24mm - (TA-8-24) $155.00
TA-8-45 1.77"/45mm - (TA-8-45) $176.00
TA-8-60 2.36"/65mm - (TA-8-60) $199.00