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DELTRONIC - Gear Wires - "Internal"

Manufacturer: Deltronic
Item Number: DLGWI

Must Select: Pitch
starting at $106.00

Deltronic "Internal" Gear Wire Sets

  • Wires conform to Federal Specifications GGG-W-366b for Grade A Master Gear Wires, and are guaranteed traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.
  • Diameter Tolerance: plus or minus ten millionths of nominal “standard” diameters listed.
  • Roundness: 10 millionths per Standard GGG-W-366b for Grade A Master Wires.
  • Surface Finish: 1 Micro inch, lapped.
  • Each set of two wires is contained in a screw-top vial, the vial is packaged in a hinged-lid box which is labeled to show pitch, internal or external, and the nominal diameter of the wire (also shown on the Certificate of Accuracy contained in each set box).