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CDI Chicago - Mini Logic IQ Digital Indicators

CDI Chicago - Mini Logic IQ Digital Indicators

Starting at $475.00
  • This small digital indicator features CDI's Absolute Sensor for long battery life and true-position.
  • This indicator is excellent for fixtures and hand gages, and features a dual display with numeric and analog view on the display.
  • The LCD can be programmed to view both numeric and analog at the same time, numeric only, or analog only.
  • The Mini Logic IQ is loaded with basic and advanced features that are easy to operate. CDI includes quick sheet instruction, full instructions, and video instructions.
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Item No. Resolution & Range Our Price QTY
MQ3665 400"/10mm Range - .00005"/.001mm Resolution $490.00
MQ2665 .400"/10mm Range - .0001"/.002mm Resolution $475.00
MQ4665 .400"/10mm Range - .0005"/.010mm Resolution $475.00
MQ3565 .250"/6.35mm Range - .00005" /.001mm Resolution $490.00
MQ2565 .250"/6.35mm Range - .0001"/.002 mm Resolution $475.00
MQ4565 .250"/6.35mm Range - .0005"/.010mm Resolution $475.00




  • AGD Group 1 Size Electronic Indicator (Bezel Diameter 1.70”)
  • 270 Degree Bezel Rotation
  • CDI Absolute – True Position Sensor
  • Long Battery Life – 3,000 hours Typical Use
  • Easy Operation with Six Button Keypad
  • 3 Measuring Modes: Absolute/Preset, Incremental, TIR (with Low / High Storage Recall)
  • SPC Cables USB, MTI, RS232
  • Travel Reverse
  • Auto Off
  • Floating Zero
  • Power with Battery (CR2032) or Through Data Cable
  • Lock Feature and Programmable Lock Combination
  • User Tolerance Settings (high and low)
  • Switchable Resolutions .001”, .0005”, .0001”, .000050” (.02mm, .01mm, .002mm, .001mm)
  • Inch/Metric
  • Largest LCD Display in Class
  • 3 Hold Functions: Maximum / Minimum / Freeze
  • Stem and Back Mounting
  • 200 Measurement Readings can be Stored Inside the Indicator and Viewed on the LCD. Stored Measurement Readings can be Downloaded to a Computer Using the CDI Single Gage Software / USB Cable.
  • .250” and .400” Travel (6.35mm and 10mm)
  • CE Compliant
  • Available with custom equations, lcds, nameplates, stems, buttons, IP rating and much more.
  • Dual Display (Analog and Numeric)
  • Low battery warning
  • Programmable ratios at keypad