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TRU-POS™ - Tapped Hole Location Gages

Manufacturer: Tru-Pos
Item Number: 1TP

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The Most Accurate and Efficient Way to Measure theTrue Position of a Tapped Hole

  • An essential complement of any CMM Package, TRU-POS™ Locators are the only correct way to determine the true position of tapped holes.
  • ANSI specifies, "Each tolerance of orientation or position and datum reference specified for a screw thread applies to the axis of the thread derived from the pitch cylinder.” 
  • Complies with ANSI Y14.5M-1994 and meets correct geometric tolerances every time.


  • Finely ground threads are sized to .0001" (.0025mm) under a Class 2B Go thread gage, with a -.0003" (.0075mm) tolerance
  • The diameter is concentric to the thread pitch diameter .002" TIR (.005mm)
  • Certificate of Calibration is available to provide documentation of actual tolerance

Two Styles - designed for tight spaces

  • Straight-thread design is for seating on a flat surface
  • The tapered style, for irregular or cast surfaces, allows for the locator to be inserted and tightened on the tapered pitch diameter
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