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Taft Pierce - Standard Bench Centers

Starting at $5,830.00
  • Taft-Peirce standard bench centers offer a fast, accurate method of inspecting work on arbors, mandrels or directly between centers.
  • Heavy-duty, cast iron beds are ruggedly proportioned with internal ribbing for maximum strength.
  • Head and tailstocks are also made from close-grained cast iron. Each is supplied with a 3/4" x 60° male center with a modified #2 Morse taper.
  • Head and tailstocks are machined in pairs with center axes held alike in height within 0.0005".
  • Alignment of head and tailstocks is maintained by keys, which fit in an accurately located 1/2" t-slot in the bed.
  • The center in the headstock is fixed.
  • The tailstock center is in a spring-loaded, lockable sleeve.
  • Beds have four adjustable leveling buttons.
  • Standard bench centers are supplied complete with ground bed, headstock, tailstock and centers.
  • Optional sizes of head and tailstocks are available.
  • Female centers, bull-nose centers or other custom head and tailstock centers can be supplied to order, as required.
  • Special centers may also be ordered singly or in pairs for Taft-Peirce bench centers already in use.
  • Dial indicator and mounting brackets are also available.
  • Item has to ship by Freight Truck


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Item No. Part Capacity - DIa. | Length. Our Price QTY
9205-18 8.0" | 30" $5,830.00
9205-36 8.0" | 48" $6,511.00
9205-80 16.0" | 80" $14,693.00