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Starrett - SPC Data Cable - for 733 Series Micrometer - 733SCKB

Manufacturer: Starrett
Item Number: 733SCKB


  • Smart Cable Keyboard - Starrett 733 -Starrett SmartCable™ makes it fast and easy to connect a measuring tool to a PC. 
  • The interface provides the ability to connect through USB keyboard outputs. 
  • With the SmartCable keyboard output, no software wedge or other intermediary software is required.
  • The PC “sees” the connection from the SmartCable™ as a keyboard.
  • Simply, open any document on your computer that accepts input,position your cursor, then send the data from the tool.
  • That data will be input at the cursor location. SmartCable USB Keyboard Output - 733/3rd Generation Micrometers location.