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Starrett - 8 - 9" - .001" Grad Micrometer - Ratchet Thimble - 436XRL-9

Manufacturer: Starrett
Item Number: 436XRL-9
starting at $342.00

Starrett - .001 Grad Micrometer - Ratchet Thimble - 6-12" Range 436 Series 

  • Same balanced design as the smaller sizes but proportioned to these larger sizes with .300" (7.6mm) anvil and spindle
    diameters for ease of use on larger work.
  • All the same features as the 0-6" and 0-150mm ranges 436.1 Micrometers, except:
    • Larger sizes are furnished with combination ratchet and speeder for uniform pressure and quicker adjustment
    • Rigid and stable special cast iron frame with perforations for lightness and ribbed for strength and stability