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SPI - Groove Master Set - 30-464-2

Manufacturer: SPI
Item Number: 30-464-2
starting at $259.00

5 Piece Set Attachment Set For Use With: 6" Vernier, Dial & Digital Calipers

  • Highly effective Caliper Attachment for quick and accurate measurements of internal and external diameters of retaining ring grooves, o-ring grooves and undercuts
  • Precision machined from steel, hard chrome plated for extra wear resistance
  • Fits all 6" vernier, dial and digital calipers with a maximum jaw-thickness of 0.140"
  • Measures internal grooves from 0.200" up to the capacity of the caliper
  • Overall Length (Inch): 6
  • Accuracy (Decimal Inch): 0.0010"
  • Finish/Coating: Hard Chrome
  • Material: Steel