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Renishaw - 1/4-20 CMM & Equator™ System Clamping Components

Starting at $786.00
  • The 1/4-20 CMM and Equator system clamping component set can be used to hold aluminum, plastic, brass, titanium and other nonferrous parts.
  • To build your kit, select an appropriately sized base plate for your requirements with 1/4-20 threaded holes.
  • Don’t forget to ask your sales representative to add on plate clamps or mounting holes to your order to secure your plate to the CMM granite.
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Item No. Set (see details below) Our Price QTY
R-FSC-CA-20 Set A (42 components) $786.00
R-FSC-CB-20 Set B (109 components) $2,005.00
R-FSC-CC-20 Set C (161 components) $3,445.00