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Phillips Precision - Vision Fixture System - 12" Dock, 12×12" plate - w/ Open-Sight™ Clamp Kit

Starting at $1,859.00

Open-Sight™ Vision fixture system includes the 12″ docking rail, a 12 x 12″ fixture plate and a choice of work holding kits. 

Choose from two (34) piece work holding kits:

  1. VIS-KIT-01 - Open-Sight™ Vision work holding kit –  includes 2 ea. low profile Spring-Loc™, Sliding Stop™, Trigger-Finger™ and Trigger-Point™ with shafts, hole adjusters; Simple-Stop™ (#01-OS, #06, #07) and 1 clear adjustable platform.  Thumb and button head screws, hex key included.  Arrives in 5S foam storage.
  2. VIS-KIT-02 - Open-Sight™ Vision work holding kit –  includes Riser-Grip™, 2 ea. Trigger-Finger™, Trigger-Point™ with shafts, V-Block 90° angle and clear corner stop; 4 ea. stand-off (1/2″ x 1″, 1/2″ x 2″, 1/2″ x 4″). Miscellaneous screws.
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Item No. Kit Type (see below for details) Our Price QTY
SYS06_DK12VIS01 VIS-KIT-01 $1,859.00
SYS06_DK12VIS02 VIS-KIT-02 $2,539.00