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Ono Sokki - Granite Base Gage Stand - S-2000

Manufacturer: Ono Sokki
Item Number: S-2000
starting at $325.00

Ono Sokki -  Granite Base Gage Stand - S-2000

  • Granite base gage stand with smooth, hard and accurate work surface.
  • Sturdy industrial design.
  • Great replacement for the ST-022 stand. Prices subject to change.


  • Gauge support arm throat depth of 1.75" (45mm)
  • Support arm quickly adjustable x, y, z positions with rotation lock
  • Accepts all gages with 3/8" stems
  • With options; can adapt to 8mm, 10mm and 15mm gage stems
  •  Base ( W x D ) 6" x 6" x 2" (150mm x 150mm x 0mm
  • Measurable Height  6" (150mm)
  • Laboratory grade AA; 0.00005", 0.001mm.