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OASIS - Elite - Automatic Optical Smart Inspection Systems
Item #: OAELITE15212024

OASIS - Elite - Automatic Optical Smart Inspection Systems

Field of View : 0.84" x 0.68"
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OASIS - Elite - Automatic Smart Optical Inspection Systems - Reduce Measurement Time with the Industry’s Fastest Inspection System!

  • Continuous image acquisition
  • Simultaneous measurement of multiple dimensions
  • Instant Measurements
  • Accurate to +/- 0.0001 Inches
  • Simplifies Complex Measurements
  • User-Friendly Full Feature Software
  • Data Exportable to SPC Software
  • Automatic Inspection Reporting
  • OASIS-Link File Linking
  • Watch Videos HERE
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The Elite features the most advanced reliable software in the industry which captures a part in a digital format and converts the captured image into real dimensional data. It allows the users to instantly measure all the dimensions on a part with an accuracy of up to +/- 0.0001 inches!

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