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Mitutoyo - Surftest SJ-411/412 Surface Roughness Tester

Manufacturer: Mitutoyo
Item Number: 178-58

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Assessment Range

Optional Items:
Manual Stand


  • Large 5.7” color LCD with touch screen.
  •  It conforms to the roughness standards JIS-B0601-2001, JIS-B0601-1994, JIS-B0601-1982, VDA, ISO-1997 and ANSI.
  •  Blueprint design code can be easily keyed in to set evaluation conditions.
  •  It corresponds to cissoidal calculations in which one measurement can evaluate two different conditions.
  •  A simple contour analysis function is also included. (4 types: step, step amount, area and coordinate difference).
  •  D.A.T. (Digital Adjustment Tilting) function is also included for easy work piece leveling.
  •  Statistic measurements up to 3 parameters of 300 samples can be performed showing average, standard deviation, max, min, pass rate and histogram.
  •  Up to ten measurement conditions and the stored data can be called out and displayed and printed out by the built-in thermal printer.
  •  The total measurement and sectional measurement results can be displayed as well as the evaluation curve, BAC/ADC curve.
  •  5 custom styli can be recorded and calibrated independently.




Order No.





Measurement Range

1" / 25mm

1"/ 25mm

2" / 50mm

2" / 50mm


0.01μm (800μm range) / 0.001μm (80μm range) / 0.0001μm (8μm range)
0.4μinch (32000μinch) / 0.04μinch (3200μinch) / 0.004μinch (320μinch)
Measuring method Skidded measurement or Skidless measurement

Detector Measuring Force





Stylus tip 60°/2μm (80μinch) 90°/5μm (200μinch) 60°/2μm (80μinch) 90°/5μm (200μinch)
Standards JIS1982 / JIS1994 / JIS2001 / ISO1997 / ANSI / VDA

Measurement speed

0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1mm/s

Return speed

0.5, 1, 2mm/s

Sampling length

0.08, 0.25, 0.8, 2.5, 8, 25mm

Number of sampling lengths

×1, ×2, ×3, ×4, ×5, ×6, ×7, ×8, ×9, ×10, ×11, ×12, ×13, ×14, ×15, ×16, ×17, ×18, ×19, ×20


Ra, Rq, Rz, Ry, Rp, Rv, Rt, R3z, Rsk, Rku, Rc, RPc, RSm, Rmax*1, Rz1max*2, S, HSC,RzJIS*3, Rppi, RΔa, RΔq, Rlr, Rmr, Rmr(c), Rσc, Rk, Rpk, Rvk, Mr1, Mr2, A1, A2,Vo,λa, λq, Lo, Rpm, tp*4, Htp*4, R, Rx, AR, W, AW, Wx, Wte,

Battery capacity

1000 measurement (approx.)

Time required for recharging battery

Max. 4h

Waiting time for auto-sleep

30~600s (only w/battery)

RS-232C speed

9600, 19200, 38400

Standard accessories

Detector*, Stylus**, Roughness specimen
270732 Printing paper
12BAL402 Touch-screen protection sheet
12BAG834 Touch pen
12AAN041 Carrying case
AC adapter, Philips screwdriver,
Strap for stylus pen, Operation manual,
Quick reference manual, Warranty

*Either No.178-396-2 or No.178-397-2 is supplied as a standard accessory depending on the Order No. of the main unit for SJ-410 Series.   **The standard stylus (No.12AAC731 or No.12AAB403), which is compatible with the detector supplied, is a standard accessory.

Instrument is also known as a Profilometer

SJ-410 Brochure