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Item #: 304-919A

Mitutoyo - PV-5110- 20" Vertical Optical Comparator - 304-919A

Manufacturer: Mitutoyo

Optional Items: Digital Readout
List: $20,000.00 starting at $18,250.00 You save $1,750.00 (9%)

Mitutoyo - PJ-H30 - High Accuracy 12" Vertical Comparator - 303 Series

  • Newly designed optical system with high NA lenses provides drastically brighter and clearer screen images during surface illumination.
  • The three-lens mounting turret includes a 10X lens as standard.
  • Four types of projection lenses (5X, 20X, 50X, 100X) are available.
  • By separating axial motion, and stabilizing the XY measuring table in the vertical
    direction, high measuring accuracy of(3+0.02L)µm has been achieved on the PJH30 Series Profile Projectors.
  • Focusing is accomplished by moving the screen head itself up and down with the hand wheel
    or motorized unit.
  • The power focusing (PJH30D type) provides higher performance
  •  Conforms to JIS B7184: 1999 "Profile projectors".
  • ø306 mm screen makes erect-unreversed images more visible.
  • The largest measuring range in the class, up to 300×170 mm.
  • Quick-release handle and 3-lens parfocal turret enables smooth measurement of workpiece.
  • Elevating shaft mechanism for the screen head reduces operator fatigue.
  • Unique model equipped with a highly accurate edge detector (OPTOEYE) and motorized up/down drive is available.
  • For data processing, a 2D data processor QM-Data200 is available.

QM DATA 200 Brochure