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Mitutoyo - LUG BACK Digimatic Indicator - .001mm Resolution - 8mm Stem - ID-S - Solar Powered - 543-500

Manufacturer: Mitutoyo
Item Number: 543-500

Optional Items: Optional Accessories
List: $312.00 starting at $280.00 You save $32.00 (10%)

Mitutoyo - Digimatic Indicators - ID-S - Solar Powered - 543 Series - Simple Design

  • Environmentally friendly solar model does not require batteries, eliminating the hassle and cost of battery replacement.
  • Can operate approximately 3.5 hours on a full charge, even in minimal light conditions of 40 lux.


  • Origin set (zero-set): The display can be zeroed at any position.
  • Direction switching: The measuring direction can be switched.
  • in/mm reading (inch/mm models only)
  • Measurement data output: These indicators have a measurement data output socket, which makes it possible to output measurement to the DP-1VR mini processor or to a PC through an input tool. Furthermore, the U-WAVE measurement data wireless communication system can be used to input measurement data to a PC.

ID-S Series Indicators Brochure