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Item #: 542-075A

Mitutoyo - EH Counter/Display - 1-Axis Multi-Function - 542-075A

Manufacturer: Mitutoyo

Optional Items: SPC Data Cable
starting at $878.00

EH Counter - Panel Mount, Multi-Function Type with RS-232C Communication Functions


  • 1-axis display type
  • Multi-Function Counter with functions of zero-set, preset, and tolerance judgement
  • Maximum value, minimum value, and TIR (runout) measurements are possible
  • The RS Link function permits multiple  EH counters (10 units maximum) to be connected by daisy chain
  • The standard RS-232C output allows  fast communication with a PC or PLC †USB output (for Sensorpak only)

Order No.  542-075A

Applicable gages

LGK, LGF, LGB, LGH (0.1um), LG

Number of gage input

1 (Single-display)

Resolution (Depending on the linear gage type connected)

.000005” to .0005”/ 0.0001mm to 0.01mm

Tolerance judgment display

LED display (3 step: Amber, Green, Red / 5 step: Amber, Amber flash, Green, Red flash, Red)