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Mitutoyo - Dial Indicators - Large Dial Face - Series 3 - (INCH)

Manufacturer: Mitutoyo
Item Number: 3

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Mitutoyo - Series 3 - Standard Type - Large Dial Face Dial Indicators - METRIC


  • Dial indicators with a large-diameter dial face for easy reading.Models with longer measuring ranges are also available.
  • All types are supplied with limit markers and a bezel clamp as standard.
  • Both the stem and the spindle are made of high-strength quench-hardened stainless steel suitable for heavy-duty use.
  • The bezel clamp and lifting lever (optional)*1 can be attached to either the right or left side. These parts can be easily installed and removed without tools.
  • *1: Can be attached only to 3046S, 3047S, 3050S, 3109S-10 and 4046S.