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Meiji - EM-30 Stereo Microscopes - Turret & Zoom Styles - Advanced Level

Starting at $530.00

Meiji Techno America’s EM-30 Series meets the demand for a complete Advanced-level Binocular Dual Turret and Zoom style stereo microscopes with a built in objectives giving the user additional magnification with the standard 10X eyepiece.

  • 10X Eyepieces
  • Turret Style Objective Changer with Triple Magnifications 1X, 3X
  • Robust Alloy metal stand with smooth rack & pinion design
  • New design, Ergonomically placed focus knobs
  • Light weight, compact body, easy to carry with top hand grip for ease of transport
  • LED Transmitted and Incident illuminators feature a long life with low power consumption
  • Transmitted and incident LED illumination equipped with variable intensity
  • All optical parts are anti-fungus treated
  • 2 year manufactures warranty
  • Dust Cover for EM-30 included
  • Rubber Eyeguards for EM-30 included
  • Meiji Techno Instruction Manual included for EM-30
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Item No. Model Remarks Our Price QTY
EM-30 EM-30 - 1X/3X Dual Turret Top & Botton LED Stand, 10X eyepiece, Rechargeable $530.00
EM-31 EM-31 - 2X/4X Dual Turret 10X Eyepiece with Top & Bottom LED Stand $530.00
EM-32 EM-32 - 0.7X - 4.5X Zoom Arm with Incident & Transmitted LED Stand $740.00
EM-33 EM-33 - 0.7X-4.5X Zoom Arm Stand with Transmitted & Incident LED Stand $780.00


EM-30 Brochure    Manual


Binocular 45° inclined tubes Two diopter adjustments Interpupillary distance adjustable between 55 mm and 75 mm All optical parts are anti-fungus treated

Paired WF 10x/20mm eyepieces

Nosepiece with dual 1x/3x or 2x/4x revolving objectives Magnifications 10x/30x or 20x/40x Field of views 20 mm/6.6 mm or 10 mm/5.0 mm Working distance 100 mm

Rack and pinion design. Ergonomically designed base with 2 object clamps. Alloy metal cast, hardened off-white coated.

The 3 W transmitted and incident LED illuminators can be used simultaneously. Both light intensities can be adjusted separately.

Coarse adjustment with tension control.

Meiji Techno offers a broad range of digital video cameras which offers excellent sensitivity, high resolution and a wide dynamic range for the most demanding brightfield and darkfield microscopy applications including clinical pathology and cytology, life sciences and geology. Some models has included software, that can preview and capture still shots and live videos to a PC or Mac with USB port or HDMI connectivity.

   • Dust Cover for EM-30 Series
   • Rubber Eyeguards for the EM-30 Series (paired) included 
   • EM-30 Series Meiji Techno Instruction Manual included 

Product Information:
   • Manufactured:100% MADE IN HOLLAND
   • Warranty:2 YEARS WARRANTY
   • Customer Support:1-(800) 832-0060 (U.S.A Based)

Package Information:
   • Weight: 11lbs (4.95kg)
   • Box Size:20 x 14 x 12 inches
   • Footprint:8.75 mm (D) x 10.5 mm (W)

Optional Components and Accessories: 

   • EM-30/OC10: Super widefield 10X for EM-30 series, fits 30mm eyetube (paired)
   • EM-30/OC20: Super widefield 20X for EM-30 series, fits 30mm eyetube (paired)

Auxiliary Lens: 
   • EM-30/AUX05: Auxiliary lens 0.5X, W.D. 165mm
   • EM-30/MA531: Protective lens for the EM-30

Boom Stands: 
   • FA-5/EM33: Triple joint articulating table mount stand with a built-in 84.8mm holder, can also be mounted with 4 screws to lab table, measurement size: 19 1/2” from the base to the first elbow and 17” from the first elbow to the ring

C" Mount Camera Adapter:
   • MA151/EM33: C-mount adapter with 0.33x lens for 1/3” cameras
   • MA151/EM50: C-mount adapter with 0.5x lens for 1/2” cameras