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Marposs - M1 Star EBG - Electronic Bore Gages

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Marposs - M1 Star EBG - Electronic Bore Gages

  • M1 Star is an innovative line of manual gauges for measuring the
    diameters of bores.
  • Thanks to the application experience Marposs gained through the
    M1 Electron, a product that boastsan extremely extensive diffusion, with
    more than 100,000 units present in all sorts of industrial environments,
    the M1 Star EBG (Electronic Bore Gauge) is the ideal manual electronic
    gauge for measuring the diameter, ovality and cylindricity of
    bores, wherever a high-precision performance is required.
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  • Application range:  Diameters from 3 to 375 mm, with a measurement section depth up to 500 mm.
  • Accuracy:  Marposs’ completely friction-free measurement reading system ensures repeatability within 0.5
    microns, constant over the entire application range.
  • Each plug is delivered with a certificate of individual testing of the product.
  • Electrical compatibility:  The EBG plug heads are available with Marposs standard
    LVDT or HBT transducer. The compatibility to third party electronic units is obtained by means
    of special cables.
  • Versatility of application:  The connection between plug head and cable is made with
    a connector allowing quick replacement of the plug head itself.
    The extensive linearity range of the transducers used in theM1 Star EBG requires only one
    zero-setting ring.
  • Sturdiness and resistance to environmental factors:  The M1 Star EBG has been designed
    to be used in the harshest production environments. Guaranteed IP67 protection (waterproof,
    dirt and dust sealed) with excellent resistance to impacts and accidental falls, plus
    replaceable tear resistant cable make the EBG sturdy and reliable,
    thus reducing maintenance costs and down times to a minimum.
  • Supply conditions:  The most advanced engineering and production processes
    allow Marposs to offer the EBG with extremely competitive pricing and fast delivery times. The
    M1 Star EBG is also available for customized OEM supplies.