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Item #: MHD-001

Mantis - "ELITE" CAM HD - Stereo Microscope w/ Integrated HD USB Camera

Manufacturer: Vision Engineering

Must Select: Stand

Must Select: Lenses
starting at $3,933.00

Stereo optical head with expanded exit pupil technology and rotating lens turret. Built-in 2.0 MP HD camera. Includes viewing software and USB 3.0 connecting cable.

Requires objective, stand, Monitor and Controller

Combining the ergonomic benefits of unique eyepiece-less technology with the imaging power of an HD camera, Mantis Elite-Cam HD is the ideal solution for inspection, reworking and reporting.

  • 2x – 20x magnification
  • Fully integrated HD camera with USB connection
  • Unique 3D stereo view and useful annotation software

Mantis Elite is a patented ‘eyepiece-less’ stereo microscope, offering truly superb 3-D imaging and unparalleled levels of comfort, reducing operator fatigue and increasing quality and productivity.

  • With magnification options up to 20x, Mantis Elite is the high performance stereo viewer of choice for a wide range of precision tasks requiring magnification.
  • Fatigue-Free Viewing
  • Patented optical technology removes the need for restrictive eyepieces of a conventional microscope, allowing operators freedom of head movement, providing superior ergonomics and hand-eye coordination, plus the ability to wear glasses, if required.
  • Mantis Elite is a perfect alternative to traditional stereo microscopes, in use throughout the world for a wide range of inspection, preparation and manipulation tasks requiring hand-to-eye co-ordination.
  • *Monitor is not included 

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