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Mantis - "COMPACT" Stereo Microscope - w/ Single Head, Stand & Objective Package

Starting at $1,835.00

3D Visual Inspection Microscope - Single Head, Stand & Lens Package

  • Mantis Compact is a low magnification visual inspection microscope, providing truly superb 3D imaging with unparalleled freedom of head movement.
  • Featuring Vision Engineering’s patented eyepiece-less technology, Mantis Compact is the low magnification stereo viewer of choice for a wide range of inspection, manipulation or rework tasks requiring magnification. Patented optical technology not only provides superb 3D imaging, but also allows operators freedom of head movement.
  • Superior ergonomics leads to greater productivity, increased throughput, improved quality control as well as minimal fatigue. Users are also able to wear glasses, if required.
  • Mantis Compact is ideal for a wide range of tasks requiring 3D imaging with superb hand-to-eye co-ordination, including electronics inspection, dental re-work, dissection and preparation tasks, plus many other precision magnification tasks.  
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Item No. Standard Package Our Price QTY
MCS-005-2X Compact Head, 2X Objective & Universal Stand $2,048.00
MCS-005-4X Compact Head, 4X Objective & Universal Stand $1,912.00
MCS-005-6X Compact Head, 6X Objective & Universal Stand $2,017.00
MCS-005-8X Compact Head, 8X Objective & Universal Stand $2,279.00


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