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Mahr - S 1840 Millimar Column Amplifiers

Mahr - S 1840 Millimar Column Amplifiers

Starting at $2,430.00 $2,308.00
  • Easy-to-read 3-color analog display
  • Choose the 1840 M Column in conjunction with inductive probes (e. g. Mahr P2004) or electronic plug gages, etc.
  • 2 inputs for inductive probes (compatible with probes from Mahr, Mahr Federal, Tesa)
  • Extensive calculation of input signals - ±A, ±B and all combinations
  • Dynamic measurements - Max, Min, Max-Min, Average 
  • Programmable either via the integrated keypad or the RS232 interface by means of MS -Windows® configuration software
  • Programmable warning and tolerance limits (exceeding the limit causes the color to change from yellow to red)
  • Backlit, two-line LCD for displaying measured values, help texts and units of measurement
  • 1 analog output
  • 3 digital inputs (e.g. measurement start, master measurement)
  • 3 digital outputs for good – reject – rework, measuring time
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Item No. Compatability RemarksMSRP Our Price QTY
5318400 1840 M - Use w/ Mahr Probes $2,430.00 $2,308.00
5318455 1840 PE - Use w/ Federal Air Tooling Low Mag: 2500:1, 5000:1$3,270.00 $3,106.00
5318457 1840 PE - Use w/ Federal Air Tooling High Mag: 10,000:1$3,450.00 $3,277.00




  • Static measurements: ± A, ± B, and all combinations.
  • Dynamic measurements: Max, Min, Max-Min, Max+Min, mean.
  • Software for configuring the LED display The Millimar S 1840 column amplifier can be programmed either menu-guided via the integrated membrane keypad or with the provided software.
  • Single Master or Dual Master Setup.
  • Password lockout