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Mahr - Maxµm® III Digital Indicator Comparators

Manufacturer: Mahr
Item Number: 203

Must Select: Range

Must Select: Stem

Must Select: Output

Optional Items: Backs

Optional Items: Brackets

Optional Items: Cables

Optional Items: Replacement Battery
starting at $495.00

Mahr - Maxµm® III Digital Indicator Comparators




  • Digital display for accuracy and readability and
  • Unique fan analog display for trend and change
  • Inch/Metric, Normal/Reverse Sensing
  • Resolution, Analog Scale and Tolerance Setup & Display
  • Dynamic Capabilities: Min, Max, TIR, Hold, Reset
  • Absolute Transducers - no overspeed errors - no missed counts - no missed readings
  • Data output - 3 formats - Maxum, Serial, or Digimatic