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Mahr - Dimensionair® Universal Air Gage (dual master system) - 2098125

Starting at $2,130.00 $2,023.00
  • Application:  Use in basic dual master air gage applications
  • Uses regular shop air (40 -150 psig).
  • Internal pressure regulators and differential meter assure ultimate stability over full operating range.
  • Interchangeable dials provide an easy, inexpensive means to accommodate various ranges
  • An air filter is included to remove dust and dirt contaminants from airline.
  • Furnished with Dial face no.: 2242662  (.00005" Grad / ± .0015“ Range / 2500:1 mag),
  • Adapter for pneumatic plug gages, Mahr Federal compatible, Air filter, Supply hose AHO– 2Each 
  • Tooling mounts to the front of the unit. Adapters are available for virtually any tooling configuration.


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2098125 $2,130.00 $2,023.00


Optional Dials/Adapters: