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Mahr - 832 Digital Electronic Amplifier

Mahr - 832 Digital Electronic Amplifier

Starting at $3,460.00 $3,114.00
  • Dynamics – simultaneously computes the minimum, maximum, T.I.R., nominal and actual gage head signal for dynamic measurement capability.
  • Multi-Range – three selectable ranges in inch or metric units.
  • Message Center – display provides a simple “menudriven” setup procedure in English, French or Spanish.
  • RS-232 Output – for communicating with Data Collection Devices.
  • Two Gage Head Input – Independent reading or for providing the capability of “summing” for diameter reading, matching clearances, runout and parallelism.
  • Angular units — selectable arc seconds or millirads for angular measurement applications (see Electronic Levels).
  • User selectable password for full lockout capability or individual key lockout in both setup and gaging modes.
  • Specific models available for use with Mahr, Mahr Federal, Tesa or Marposs inductive probes.
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Item No. Type MSRP Our Price QTY
2004005 832 F for Mahr Federal Probes $3,460.00 $3,114.00
2004000 832 M for Mahr Probes $3,460.00 $3,114.00