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Mahr - .500" Range - 1087 BR - Digital Indicator for BORE GAGES - 4337662

Manufacturer: Mahr
Item Number: 4337662

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Mahr 1087 BR Multi-Functional Digital Indicator for Bore Gages

  • The BR version is specifically designed for adjustable bore gage use and greatly enhances operator usability.

Application - In measurements with a 2-point bore gage the reversing point can be calculated automatically during oscillation. Then PRESET value can be assigned. The ACTUAL value measured is saved by the MIN or MAX function and is shown on the display. The 1087 BR model can process 64 measured values per second, for fast measuring movements combined with measuring certainty.


  • Measuring Range: 0.5" / 12.5mm
  • Mounting Shaft: 8mm (use 4310103 Adapter Bushing for conversion to 3/8")
  • Analog and digital display plus tolerance and dynamic measuring functions.
  • MAX-MIN-Function ideal for testing flatness and concentricity
  • MAX and / or MIN for searching the reversal point
  • Data Output: USB, Digimatic, Opto RS232C
  • Factor Adjustable
  • Count Direction Reversal
  • Bezel Rotates 280°
  • battery life approx. 2000 hrs.