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Leitech - "COMBI" Thread Depth Gages - GO/NOGO w/ Handle - (Inch)

Starting at $359.00

Leitech - COMBI Thread/Depth Gage - Go & No Go Complete with Handles

  • The COMBI Gage A breakthrough in thread depth control simultaneously measure thread or cylindrical size and depth with the patented Leitech System, the industry's most innovative breakthrough in thread depth control.
  • With a direct reading depth scale, the cost effective Leitech COMBI and COMBI HI-RESOLUTION plug gages qualify functional size and depth at the same time.
  • Unless otherwise specified, when ordering Handles only furnish the sleeve to accept the largest thread in the handle's range and it will not be marked with a size.
  • Standard-Resolution Handle: .0025" Division
  • High-Resolution Handle: .005" Division
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Class of Fit:
Item No. THREAD SIZE Class of Fit Resolution Our Price QTY
L2-56UNC-SC-HRC 2-56UNC 2B Standard $440.00
L2-56UNC-HRC 2-56UNC 2B Hi-Resolution $619.00
L2-64UNF-SC-HRC 2-64UNF 2B Standard $440.00
L2-64UNF-HRC 2-64UNF 2B Hi-Resolution $619.00
L3-48UNC-SC 3-48UNC 2B Standard $426.00
L3-48UNC-HRC 3-48UNC 2B Hi-Resolution $605.00
L3-56UNF-SC 3-56UNF 2B Standard $426.00
L3-56UNF-HRC 3-56UNF 2B Hi-Resolution $605.00
L4-40UNC-SC 4-40UNC 2B Standard $426.00
L4-40UNC-HRC 4-40UNC 2B Hi-Resolution $605.00
L4-48UNF-SC 4-48UNF 2B Standard $426.00
L4-48UNF-HRC 4-48UNF 2B Hi-Resolution $605.00
L5 -40UNC-SC 5 -40UNC 2B Standard $422.00
L5 -40UNC-HRC 5 -40UNC 2B Hi-Resolution $601.00
L5-44UNF-SC 5-44UNF 2B Standard $422.00
L5-44UNF-HRC 5-44UNF 2B Hi-Resolution $601.00
L6-32UNC-SC 6-32UNC 2B Standard $418.00
L6-32UNC-HRC 6-32UNC 2B Hi-Resolution $597.00
L6-40UNF-SC 6-40UNF 2B Standard $418.00
L6-40UNF-HRC 6-40UNF 2B Hi-Resolution $597.00
L8-32UNC-SC 8-32UNC 2B Standard $412.00
L8-32UNC-HRC 8-32UNC 2B Hi-Resolution $597.00
L8-36UNF-SC 8-36UNF 2B Standard $412.00
L8-36UNF-HRC 8-36UNF 2B Hi-Resolution $597.00
L10-24UNC-SC 10-24UNC 2B Standard $412.00
L10-24UNC-HRC 10-24UNC 2B Hi-Resolution $597.00
L10-32UNF-SC 10-32UNF 2B Standard $412.00
L10-32UNF-HRC 10-32UNF 2B Hi-Resolution $597.00
L12-24UNC-SC 12-24UNC 2B Standard $416.00
L12-24UNC-HRC 12-24UNC 2B Hi-Resolution $601.00
L12-28UNF-SC 12-28UNF 2B Standard $416.00
L12-28UNF-HRC 12-28UNF 2B Hi-Resolution $601.00
L12-32UNEF-SC 12-32UNEF 2B Standard $494.00
L12-32UNEF-HRC 12-32UNEF 2B Hi-Resolution $679.00
L1/4-20UNC-SC 1/4-20UNC 2B Standard $394.00
L1/4-20UNC-HRC 1/4-20UNC 2B Hi-Resolution $579.00
L1/4-28UNF-SC 1/4-28UNF 2B Standard $394.00
L1/4-28UNF-HRC 1/4-28UNF 2B Hi-Resolution $579.00
L1/4-32UNEF-SC 1/4-32UNEF 2B Standard $488.00
L1/4-32UNEF-HRC 1/4-32UNEF 2B Hi-Resolution $673.00
L5/16-18UNC-SC 5/16-18UNC 2B Standard $487.00
L5/16-18UNC-HRC 5/16-18UNC 2B Hi-Resolution $714.00
L5/16-24UNF-SC 5/16-24UNF 2B Standard $487.00
L5/16-24UNF-HRC 5/16-24UNF 2B Hi-Resolution $714.00
L5/16-32UNEF-SC 5/16-32UNEF 2B Standard $573.00
L5/16-32UNEF-HRC 5/16-32UNEF 2B Hi-Resolution $800.00
L3/8-16UNC-SC 3/8-16UNC 2B Standard $487.00
L3/8-16UNC-HRC 3/8-16UNC 2B Hi-Resolution $714.00
L3/8-24UNF-SC 3/8-24UNF 2B Standard $487.00
L3/8-24UNF-HRC 3/8-24UNF 2B Hi-Resolution $714.00
L3/8-32UNEF-SC 3/8-32UNEF 2B Standard $579.00
L3/8-32UNEF-HRC 3/8-32UNEF 2B Hi-Resolution $826.00
L7/16-14UNC-SC 7/16-14UNC 2B Standard $487.00
L7/16-14UNC-HRC 7/16-14UNC 2B Hi-Resolution $714.00
L7/16-20UNF-SC 7/16-20UNF 2B Standard $487.00
L7/16-20UNF-HRC 7/16-20UNF 2B Hi-Resolution $714.00
L7/16-28UNEF-SC 7/16-28UNEF 2B Standard $603.00
L7/16-28UNEF-HRC 7/16-28UNEF 2B Hi-Resolution $830.00
L1/2-13UNC-SC 1/2-13UNC 2B Standard $515.00
L1/2-13UNC-HRC 1/2-13UNC 2B Hi-Resolution $738.00
L1/2-20UNF-SC 1/2-20UNF 2B Standard $515.00
L1/2-20UNF-HRC 1/2-20UNF 2B Hi-Resolution $738.00
L1/2-28UNEF-SC 1/2-28UNEF 2B Standard $629.00
L1/2-28UNEF-HRC 1/2-28UNEF 2B Hi-Resolution $852.00
L9/16-12UNC-SC 9/16-12UNC 2B Standard $537.00
L9/16-12UNC-HRC 9/16-12UNC 2B Hi-Resolution $760.00
L9/16-18UNF-SC 9/16-18UNF 2B Standard $537.00
L9/16-18UNF-HRC 9/16-18UNF 2B Hi-Resolution $760.00
L9/16-24UNEF-SC 9/16-24UNEF 2B Standard $641.00
L9/16-24UNEF-HRC 9/16-24UNEF 2B Hi-Resolution $864.00
L5/8-11UNC-SC 5/8-11UNC 2B Standard $537.00
L5/8-11UNC-HRC 5/8-11UNC 2B Hi-Resolution $760.00
L5/8-18UNF-SC 5/8-18UNF 2B Standard $537.00
L5/8-18UNF-HRC 5/8-18UNF 2B Hi-Resolution $760.00
L5/8-24UNEF-SC 5/8-24UNEF 2B Standard $637.00
L5/8-24UNEF-HRC 5/8-24UNEF 2B Hi-Resolution $860.00
L11/16-24UNEF-SC 11/16-24UNEF 2B Standard $932.00
L11/16-24UNEF-HRC 11/16-24UNEF 2B Hi-Resolution $1,216.00
L3/4-10UNC-SC 3/4-10UNC 2B Standard $856.00
L3/4-10UNC-HRC 3/4-10UNC 2B Hi-Resolution $1,140.00
L3/4-16UNF-SC 3/4-16UNF 2B Standard $856.00
L3/4-16UNF-HRC 3/4-16UNF 2B Hi-Resolution $1,140.00
L3/4-20UNEF-SC 3/4-20UNEF 2B Standard $970.00
L3/4-20UNEF-HRC 3/4-20UNEF 2B Hi-Resolution $1,234.00
L13/16-20UNEF-SC 13/16-20UNEF 2B Standard $964.00
L13/16-20UNEF 13/16-20UNEF 2B Hi-Resolution $1,248.00
L7/8-9UNC-SC 7/8-9UNC 2B Standard $858.00
L7/8-9UNC-HRC 7/8-9UNC 2B Hi-Resolution $1,142.00
L7/8-14UNF-SC 7/8-14UNF 2B Standard $858.00
L7/8-14UNF-HRC 7/8-14UNF 2B Hi-Resolution $1,142.00
L7/8-20UNEF-SC 7/8-20UNEF 2B Standard $964.00
L7/8-20UNEF-HRC 7/8-20UNEF 2B Hi-Resolution $1,248.00
L2-56UNC-SC 2-56UNC 3B Standard $440.00
L2-56UNC-HRC 2-56UNC 3B Hi-Resolution $619.00
L2-64UNF-SC 2-64UNF 3B Standard $440.00
L2-64UNF-HRC 2-64UNF 3B Hi-Resolution $619.00
L3-48UNC-SC 3-48UNC 3B Standard $426.00
L3-48UNC-HRC 3-48UNC 3B Hi-Resolution $605.00
L3-56UNF-SC 3-56UNF 3B Standard $426.00
L3-56UNF-HRC 3-56UNF 3B Hi-Resolution $605.00
L4-40UNC-SC 4-40UNC 3B Standard $426.00
L4-40UNC-HRC 4-40UNC 3B Hi-Resolution $605.00
L4-48UNF-SC 4-48UNF 3B Standard $426.00
L4-48UNF-HRC 4-48UNF 3B Hi-Resolution $605.00
L5 -40UNC-SC 5 -40UNC 3B Standard $422.00
L5 -40UNC-HRC 5 -40UNC 3B Hi-Resolution $601.00
L5-44UNF-SC 5-44UNF 3B Standard $422.00
L5-44UNF-HRC 5-44UNF 3B Hi-Resolution $601.00
L6-32UNC-SC 6-32UNC 3B Standard $418.00
L6-32UNC-HRC 6-32UNC 3B Hi-Resolution $597.00
L6-40UNF-SC 6-40UNF 3B Standard $418.00
L6-40UNF-HRC 6-40UNF 3B Hi-Resolution $597.00
L8-32UNC-SC 8-32UNC 3B Standard $412.00
L8-32UNC-HRC 8-32UNC 3B Hi-Resolution $597.00
L8-36UNF-SC 8-36UNF 3B Standard $412.00
L8-36UNF-HRC 8-36UNF 3B Hi-Resolution $597.00
L10-24UNC-SC 10-24UNC 3B Standard $412.00
L10-24UNC-HRC 10-24UNC 3B Hi-Resolution $597.00
L10-32UNF-SC 10-32UNF 3B Standard $412.00
L10-32UNF-HRC 10-32UNF 3B Hi-Resolution $597.00
L12-24UNC-SC 12-24UNC 3B Standard $416.00
L12-24UNC-HRC 12-24UNC 3B Hi-Resolution $601.00
L12-28UNF-SC 12-28UNF 3B Standard $416.00
L12-28UNF-HRC 12-28UNF 3B Hi-Resolution $601.00
L12-32UNEF-SC 12-32UNEF 3B Standard $494.00
L12-32UNEF-HRC 12-32UNEF 3B Hi-Resolution $679.00
L1/4-20UNC-SC 1/4-20UNC 3B Standard $394.00
L1/4-20UNC-HRC 1/4-20UNC 3B Hi-Resolution $579.00
L1/4-28UNF-SC 1/4-28UNF 3B Standard $394.00
L1/4-28UNF-HRC 1/4-28UNF 3B Hi-Resolution $579.00
L1/4-32UNEF-SC 1/4-32UNEF 3B Standard $488.00
L1/4-32UNEF-HRC 1/4-32UNEF 3B Hi-Resolution $673.00
L5/16-18UNC-SC 5/16-18UNC 3B Standard $487.00
L5/16-18UNC-HRC 5/16-18UNC 3B Hi-Resolution $714.00
L5/16-24UNF-SC 5/16-24UNF 3B Standard $487.00
L5/16-24UNF-HRC 5/16-24UNF 3B Hi-Resolution $714.00
L5/16-32UNEF-SC 5/16-32UNEF 3B Standard $573.00
L5/16-32UNEF-HRC 5/16-32UNEF 3B Hi-Resolution $800.00
L3/8-16UNC-SC 3/8-16UNC 3B Standard $487.00
L3/8-16UNC-HRC 3/8-16UNC 3B Hi-Resolution $714.00
L3/8-24UNF-SC 3/8-24UNF 3B Standard $487.00
L3/8-24UNF-HRC 3/8-24UNF 3B Hi-Resolution $714.00
L3/8-32UNEF-SC 3/8-32UNEF 3B Standard $579.00
L3/8-32UNEF-HRC 3/8-32UNEF 3B Hi-Resolution $826.00
L7/16-14UNC-SC 7/16-14UNC 3B Standard $487.00
L7/16-14UNC-HRC 7/16-14UNC 3B Hi-Resolution $714.00
L7/16-20UNF-SC 7/16-20UNF 3B Standard $487.00
L7/16-20UNF-HRC 7/16-20UNF 3B Hi-Resolution $714.00
L7/16-28UNEF-SC 7/16-28UNEF 3B Standard $603.00
L7/16-28UNEF-HRC 7/16-28UNEF 3B Hi-Resolution $830.00
L1/2-13UNC-SC 1/2-13UNC 3B Standard $515.00
L1/2-13UNC-HRC 1/2-13UNC 3B Hi-Resolution $738.00
L1/2-20UNF-SC 1/2-20UNF 3B Standard $515.00
L1/2-20UNF-HRC 1/2-20UNF 3B Hi-Resolution $738.00
L1/2-28UNEF-SC 1/2-28UNEF 3B Standard $629.00
L1/2-28UNEF-HRC 1/2-28UNEF 3B Hi-Resolution $852.00
L9/16-12UNC-SC 9/16-12UNC 3B Standard $537.00
L9/16-12UNC-HRC 9/16-12UNC 3B Hi-Resolution $760.00
L9/16-18UNF-SC 9/16-18UNF 3B Standard $537.00
L9/16-18UNF-HRC 9/16-18UNF 3B Hi-Resolution $760.00
L9/16-24UNEF-SC 9/16-24UNEF 3B Standard $641.00
L9/16-24UNEF-HRC 9/16-24UNEF 3B Hi-Resolution $864.00
L5/8-11UNC-SC 5/8-11UNC 3B Standard $537.00
L5/8-11UNC-HRC 5/8-11UNC 3B Hi-Resolution $760.00
L5/8-18UNF-SC 5/8-18UNF 3B Standard $537.00
L5/8-18UNF-HRC 5/8-18UNF 3B Hi-Resolution $760.00
L5/8-24UNEF-SC 5/8-24UNEF 3B Standard $637.00
L5/8-24UNEF-HRC 5/8-24UNEF 3B Hi-Resolution $860.00
L11/16-24UNEF-SC 11/16-24UNEF 3B Standard $932.00
L11/16-24UNEF-HRC 11/16-24UNEF 3B Hi-Resolution $1,216.00
L3/4-10UNC-SC 3/4-10UNC 3B Standard $856.00
L3/4-10UNC-HRC 3/4-10UNC 3B Hi-Resolution $1,140.00
L3/4-16UNF-SC 3/4-16UNF 3B Standard $856.00
L3/4-16UNF-HRC 3/4-16UNF 3B Hi-Resolution $1,140.00
L3/4-20UNEF-SC 3/4-20UNEF 3B Standard $970.00
L3/4-20UNEF-HRC 3/4-20UNEF 3B Hi-Resolution $1,234.00
L13/16-20UNEF-SC 13/16-20UNEF 3B Standard $964.00
L13/16-20UNEF-HRC 13/16-20UNEF 3B Hi-Resolution $1,248.00
L7/8-9UNC-SC 7/8-9UNC 3B Standard $858.00
L7/8-9UNC-HRC 7/8-9UNC 3B Hi-Resolution $1,142.00
L7/8-14UNF-SC 7/8-14UNF 3B Standard $858.00
L7/8-14UNF-HRC 7/8-14UNF 3B Hi-Resolution $1,142.00
L7/8-20UNEF-SC 7/8-20UNEF 3B Standard $964.00
L7/8-20UNEF-HRC 7/8-20UNEF 3B Hi-Resolution $1,248.00

Technical Specs: