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Indicating Ring Type External Spline Gages
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Indicating Ring Type External Spline Gages

Indicator type rings and plug gages check the same tooth profiles as that of the solid type gages, except that they measure exact tooth or space dimensions to within 0.0001 of an inch using comparison to a master gage of a specific size.

  • This type of gage is used for checking part size variations resulting from operations such as heat treating.
  • These gages are available in either pistol grip or bench mounted style.
  • Unlike most others, each indicator type gage is made in a “three element” style, adding to the quality and accuracy of the product. Fixed sections of spline at each end are mounted in-line.
  • The center section, which transfers its’ motion to the indicator, rotates to measure size variations.
  • This “three element” design on all Spline indicator type gages is superior to the conventional “two-element” style since it establishes a true centerline of the spline being measured.
  • All gages are available in either English or Metric measuring systems.