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H-20 - Concentricity Gage - 3/8" - 2" Capacity - 12" Part Length

Manufacturer: Universal Punch
Item Number: H-20

Must Select: Tolerance Grade

Must Select: 1 Set Main Rollers
starting at $1,830.00

H-20  - Concentricity Gage

Universal’s patented Concentricity Gaging Systems offer less than 2 microns accuracy that has proven results in a variety of industrial applications.

H-20 Universal Concentricity Gage is comprised of three main components for assembly:

1.  Selection of Standard or Precision accuracy traceable to (N.I.S.T.):

  • Standard Concentricity Gage Model = 4µm (.00016”)
  • Precision Gold Gages are guaranteed better than = 2µm (.00008”)

2.  Selection of main rollers:

  • #120-20HS Full Plain Short Rollers

3.  Select an indicator(s) and/or other accessories.

NOTE: Indicators are not included

These Gages are made to order allow 4-6 weeks for delivery

Concentricity Gage Standard Features:

  • Adjustable multi-position top arm yoke assembly offers a variety of clamping pressures and positions to accomodate a range of part diameter sizes.
  • All Standard Indicator Carrers have fine adjustment screws that provide accurate indicator probe positioning, zeroing and provide smooth indicator movement to increase measuring performance and accuracy.
  • All gages comes standard with a manual Drive Timing Belt Pulleys System that provides a constant smooth part rotation when inspecting.
  • All carriers offer a variety of positions that move along the Z-axis of the carrier rod assembly. The carrier tilts 90 degrees to facilitate easy loading and unloading of parts.


  • Diameter Capacity with"Full Plain" Short Rollers: 3/8" to 1" (9.5mm to 50mm)
  • Length Capacity: = 12" (305mm)
  • Standard Accuracy: = 4µm (.00016”)
  • Precision Accuracy: = 2µm (.00008”)
  • Shipping Weight: 8.5 lbs.

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