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GSG - GeoChek - Circular Roundness Master - GC-1

Manufacturer: Glastonbury Southern Gage
Item Number: GC-1
starting at $1,490.00
  • The GeoChek Master is used to calibrate and set circular geometry systems. 
  • The master checks for perpendicularity (squareness), Parallelism, Roundness & Concentricity.
  • The perfect artifact for making sure your roundness machine or CMM is providing you with reliable measurements.
  • The GSG GeoChek is manufactured to intentionally run out between the ID and OD.
  • GSG then certifies the artifact to state it's exact run out.
  • Once you run the GeoChek on your equipment, you should have findings that match the cert.
  • Master is supplied with complete certification for roundness, parallelism, perpendicularity and concentricity. 
  • Dimensions: 2" ID, 3" OD, 4" Length
  • Supplied with storage box.